To configure the limits on our roller blind motors for Z-wave, you can either view our video or follow the procedure below:

  1. Wire the motor directly to the power supply. Make sure the roller blind moves downwards.
  2. Press the button on the motor until it beeps.

  1. Disconnect the power and connect it again. The motor should be running now. If so, let it run until the desired lower limit is reached.
  2. Disconnect the power again and reconnect it. The motor should turn slightly to confirm that one limit has been set.
  3. Disconnect the power once more and switch the polarity and reconnect the power again. Now the motor should beep and then start to move in the opposite direction.
  4. When the other limit is reached, disconnect the power and then reconnect it. The motor will move very slightly to confirm that the limit has been set.
  5. Disconnect the power one last time and switch the polarity once again and reconnect the motor. The motor should beep again and run until it hits the first limit.

If you during any of the above steps loose track you still need to finish all steps before a new set of limits can be configured. I.e retry from step 3 until you have done all steps. Once all steps have been done you can always restart from the first step and redo the entire calibration.